I’m not crazy, so hear me out.

The best thing about God’s Children Great Talent (GCGT) Season 7 is not the 10 million naira prize money.

And of course, it’s not the brand new car. Or even the 250 million naira management deal.

Let’s face it, many people have won talent shows, gotten prize monies and endorsements and still not made a way for themselves.

We could draw up a long list of one-hit-wonders of very popular talent shows – who by the way outnumber the still relevant ones – but that wouldn’t be necessary.

For one, we have come to realize that winning a competition and getting all the attendant media hypes, cash and material rewards is never enough.

If anything, the winner has to have real talent (you’d say isn’t that why they won in the first place), an enduring structure that supports the ongoing development of the winner and some magic or a bit of luck, well in a special case…grace.

#GCGT has all that. Call it a war chest and you’d not be wrong; 10 million naira cash, a brand new car and a mind-blowing 250 million naira management deal. There’s no Christian reality show in Africa that comes close to that in one reward.

Still, that’s not the best thing about #GCGT. Read on to find out what they are.

  1. GCGT is more encompassing

In December 2016, young and talented wordsmith, Onome Enakarakpor won the hearts and approval of the audience and judges at #GCGT Season 6 with a string of stellar performances that culminated in an even more phenomenal display on the night of the final at Eko Hotel.

It was the first time a non-singer and participant from the Spoken Word category would win the talent show. All previous editions had been won by singers/musicians.

Beyond the prize, Onome’s win demonstrated one very exceptional feature of GCGT. That you don’t have to be a singer or actor to win a talent show. That irrespective of the kind of talent you got, there is an effective platform to showcase it to the world if you would only make a move.

This is also apparent in the choice of Judges for GCGT Season 7. As Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, Head of RCCG Apapa family, affirmed, “The choice of Omawumi, Kaffy and TY Mix as selected judges for the new season was based on their competence, versatility and recognition for excellence over the years. God’s Children Great Talent will continue to maintain an essential objective of the platform which is to use every talent discovered for God’s glory”.

So, with the exception of one or two other reality shows, no other talent show in Nigeria allows for such flexibility and versatility. Many of them focus on just one talent. If you ask me, we need more of GCGT’s kind of liberalization of opportunities in our country.


  1. Social Impact

According to expert sociologists and psychologists in this post by the Irish Independent, some regular talent shows promote a culture of meanness among children and young adults.

GCGT as a Christian talent show is not structured in this manner. As the goal is not to make anyone popular or rich overnight, but to showcase and reward creativity in young people to the Glory of GOD, organizers, hosts and Judges are careful not to put anyone down or encourage mean behaviour.

“In the old days, a competition was about who did the best and didn’t focus on those who didn’t do well,” says O’Higgins Norman. “…They have turned popular culture upside down, so being mean is now popular and being nice is not. Children imitate that behavior by deciding who is in or out of their social group.”

While GCGT rewards the overall winner in the competition with a grand prize, the biggest win for the organizers is encouraging young people to develop and showcase their skills. It’s about creating a platform for young minds to utilize their abilities in a godly manner. So it is not about the one person that wins.

A report by Brigham Young University in the US states that “reality TV shows contain an average of 85 verbal attacks, insults and snide remarks each hour – almost twice that of comedies, dramas and soap operas. The study also showed that half of these incidents were organized by producers baiting participants into bitching about their rivals.”

Verbal attacks, insults and snide remarks? You won’t find any of these in GCGT.

GCGT Season 7 will positively engage young minds which will bring about:

– Confidence boost for young people which will come in handy in other facets of their lives (school, social interaction, career etc.)

– Economic Benefits: many of the participants will make their big break through the talent show and will leverage this for economic benefits.

– Reduce social vices: youths who are actively and positively engaged rarely ever find time for vices. They are a blessing to themselves and the society at large.

Judges, Hosts & Stakeholders of GCGT7

  1. Divine Mandate

Every talent show out there rewards winners and a few participants with cash and other prizes. GCGT does that too. But there’s more: GCGT carries a divine mandate.

Here’s a summary from their website:

“GCGT is a Christian Reality Talent Quest focused on identifying and celebrating talents in young children and teenagers. GCGT provides a credible platform for the expression, development and celebration of talent. All applicants must share the same beliefs as the organisers/promoters. All expression of talent must be in line with the vision, objectives and core values of the organisers/promoters.”

So what are the vision, objectives and core values of GOD’s Children Great Talents?

– To build a global brand using children’s talents for God’s glory. – Vision

– To provide a credible platform for expression and celebration of talent in youth. – Mission

– Creativity, Excellence, Fellowship, Fun, Godliness, Integrity and Professionalism – Core Values

GCGT carries a Kingdom mandate to lead more youth to Christ, help them utilize their God-given talent for GOD, and ultimately reward them.

However, the best reward for anyone who chooses to use his/her talent in the service of GOD comes from GOD Himself.

Trust me, that is more than the prize money, a management deal and a brand new car.


#GCGT Season 7 is unlike any other reality talent show. Besides having the biggest material rewards of any Christian talent show, the three important features mentioned above distinctly stands it out.

So if you’re aged 5 – 20, and are talented in music, dance, comedy and spoken word, you really should be on #GCGT Season 7. It’s going to be a life-changing experience. Click here to register right away.




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