16 year old Spoken word artiste, Sunrise Ushie was just a volunteer who left her home on April 29th 2017 to assist with logistics for the God’s Children Great Talent competition in Lagos. Little did she know that something greater than her expectation awaited her at the audition venue.

Getting to the venue at 8am, Sunrise started taking contestants to their audition rooms and enjoyed every moment of being a part of the journey for hundreds of talents who had converged on Ultima Studios, Lekki for the second day of Lagos auditions.

After the day’s work, Sunrise in company of her friends and fellow volunteers started displaying their talents for the fun of it. Interestingly, great talents can not be hidden. A producer who was walking past stopped to listen to the group as they continued to display what seemed at the time, random performances.

The producer, Mr Emeka went on to tell the volunteers a story of a talented singer who got his break by accidentally auditioning despite not planning for it. He motivated everyone of them to try out in the auditions as they may actually get a lucky break from trying. Sunrise Ushie feeling very motivated immediately went through the registration process and eventually became the last contestant to audition.

Despite lack of adequate preparation, Sunrise was able to impress the scouts and unbelievably got 3 ‘Yes’ nods, which automatically qualified her to participate in the Lagos regional finals.

When asked how it felt to get affirmative nods from GCGT Lagos scouts, she said, “ I kept staring at the congratulations card like ‘is it for real?’. If anyone had told me this could happen before I left home today, honestly I would have doubted it because I didn’t even come here with the intention to audition. I have learnt a big lesson from this experience that, “nothing is impossible with God” and if you can develop your talent, fame will find you even when you are not looking for it.”

GCGT season 7 regional auditions will air on HIP TV, OH TV, Dove TV & Ebony Life from the 6th of May 2017.

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