Reality talent shows are more than finding the next Big Star. It is also a great platform for showcasing the resilience of the human spirit, the power of hope and ultimately the grace of God. For the 20 semi-finalists of GCGT Season 7, this is more the case than sheer luck.

For talented drummer, Deborah Oladipupo, the road to the semi-final hasn’t been a walk in the park. Starting out at an early age of 5, her artisan dad and trader mom were marvelled at her drumming talent when she participated in GCGT Season 3 four years ago.

But cementing her place in a traditionally male field was never going to be easy so she’s had to work even harder and longer. Deborah participated in the third and fifth editions of God’s Children Great Talent but did not make it past the auditions. Not giving up, she registered for the 7th edition and after various stages emerged as one of the 20 semi finalists performing to the audience. But just when she finally got a semi-final pass, life happened.

Deborah almost quit her dreams and years of hard work because her parents could not afford to pay for her trip to Lagos, but for grace, resilience and hope.

“I got the invitation to boot camp late. I had no money, neither was I prepared for it. I felt so discouraged and confused. I thought of quitting but God raised help for me from my church and I am forever grateful for not giving up.”

Similarly, when 19 year old Esther Benyeogo lost her dad a few years ago, it seemed like the end had finally come and she would never be able to get a good education or achieve her dreams in life. But together with her mum and siblings, she trudged on and secured admission into the University of Benin where she’s studying English and Literature. While studying, Esther still found time for her first love – singing. She had participated in a campus talent hunt but did not win. Yet she never gave up. Today, Esther is one of the 20 GCGT7 semi-finalists selected from a sea of talented youngsters.

Gospel Rap protégé, Goodluck-Enoch Ajirireloja wrote his first rap song “Baba God dey” at age 5 with no assistance from any adult. He performed publicly for the first time at just 7 years old and never looked back. Now 9 years old, the gospel rapper who ‘can’t go to bed without listening to music’ will be performing at the semi-final show with the hope to win a spot at this season’s finals of God’s Children Great Talent. It’s a tall ambition considering the caliber of talents in this year’s semi-final, but you can’t bet against hope, can you?

Then we have Sophia Albert. The 10 year old Spoken Word performer, who has never gone a day without her parents, also has hope of claiming a spot in the finals. Sophia had to spend a full week at the bootcamp with no family around her.

The seed of hope continues to grow among these contestants as they each prepare for the semi-finals. Even Joseph Odi from Port Harcourt, who loves drumming so much, Kehinde the fantastic 9 year old dancer, 19 year old Emmanuel Osahor who has mastered the art of expressing the deepest of human feelings through dance, and fantastic 20 year old singer Gloria Ekundayo are eager to showcase their talent in the semi-final episode this Saturday.

Other contestants include Spoken Word artist Raymond Oguche, Joshua Malcom the beatbox contestant, Drummer boy Joshua James, Emmanuel Balogun the violinist, Anderson Peter, an eight year old Saxophonist and Bafunso Damilare who also makes the Saxophone look so easy to play. It’s the same feeling you get when you listen to these amazing vocalists Udoye Emmanuel, Favour Samuel, Immaculate Benibo, Hope Basil, Nengi Donald Jaja and Angel Okorite Amieyeofori.

Each of these 20 super-talented contestants from different regions in Nigeria anticipate winning a place for the grand finale of God’s Children Great Talent Season 7. Watch the semi-finals episode today on NTA at 9am, HIPTV 1:30pm, EbonyLife 6:30pm and Wazobia Max by 7pm. This same episode will air on Silverbird TV by 10am on Sunday.

God’s Children Great talent (GCGT) is Africa’s Biggest Youth Talent Competition. An initiative by City of David Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in partnership with The How Foundation continues to identify and celebrate talents in children and young adults from age 5 to 20 years.

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