After years of studying, traveling and working across the world, multi-award winning art director and one of Nigeria’s foremost designers, Kayode Olowu is set to launch a new one-of-a-kind creative and design company OneWildCard.

Borne out of the desire to create designs that actually serve and stand out from all the noise and hype of regurgitated content, OneWildCard combines culture, intuition and intelligence to solve communication, process and service challenges for brands.

The founder draws from his vast experience working with notable brands and agencies such as Metro Taxi, Access Bank, Pepsi, Orange Academy, BlackHouse Media (BHM) in Nigeria, and Geometry Global (Hamburg), THEY (Amsterdam), Y&R (Prague), Jung Von Matt (Hamburg), among others.

According to Olowu, OneWildCard’s areas of core competence include Identity Development & Branding, Communication Design, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Service & Process Design, and other creative solutions.

Describing the company’s unique philosophy and proposition on marketing communication, Olowu says, “We choose to look the other way. We draw our inspiration from what people want, what is technologically possible, and what is viable from a business standpoint.”

The new agency is seen as a welcome addition to Nigeria’s marketing communications industry, especially in an era where brands are looking to stand out and capture the attention of digital natives and mobile-first millennial consumers online and offline, using technology, storytelling and content marketing techniques.

Kayode Olowu has won over 10 international awards, including ADC (Germany), CLIO, D&AD and YGA. His works have also been featured in various Design publications including Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide.

You can follow OneWildCard on social (Twitter: @onewildtweet; Instagram: @onewildgram; and Facebook: onewildcard) or reach Kayode directly via email:

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