₦250 Million Management Deal

Forget the recession, a whooping 250-million-naira management deal awaits the winner of GCGT season 7. Imagine the amazing experience the winner gets from this massive deal.

10 Million Naira Cash!

Imagine your life with 10 million naira cash right now! An educational trust, a business and so much more just for having and expressing your God given talent, Wow!

Brand New Car

A brand new car is by no means a small package! Just imagine owning your own car at ages 5 – 20, not minding the cost of a brand new car at the dealer shop today!

Talent Showcase Platform

GCGT boasts of a platform that reaches millions of viewers around the world. Indeed the opportunity to reach the world abounds through GCGT7.

The Age Group

GCGT makes it as one of its core to discover talents at a young age. That’s why the age bracket involves those from the tender age of 5 up to pre-teens and young adults of age 20. Anyone with exceptional talent who falls within this age group 5 to 20, who gets a chance to audition could win.

Leadership & Mentorship

Apart from nurturing individual talents, GCGT’s claim to fame is instilling leadership and positive values in children and youths. Mentorship opportunities abound as the judges and key stakeholders guide contestants through the auditions, boot camp, grand finale and the journey thereafter.

You Have Talent

For GCGT, talent comes in different forms. This season, there is focus on four key categories: Music, Comedy, Dance & Spoken word. So if you are talented in any of these areas, you stand a chance to win the ultimate star prize of ₦250 million naira management deal, brand new car & 10 million naira cash!

Interested participants are to register online at www.gcgt.org for a chance to be selected during the regional auditions coming soon. Registration closes on 9th April, 2017.


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