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BHM Group is built on a firm corporate culture that recognizes the importance of ethics, training, best practice and excellent customer service. And we’ve created a culture that places people before profit, integrity before image and unlimited possibilities before general platitudes. - Ayeni Adekunle Samuel. Founder/CEO

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BHM Group works with partners and customers from diverse market segments, the public, and hitherto uncultivated audiences to deliver the best possible results in a system that’s full of promises. Founded by respected journalist-turned publicist and media entrepreneur Ayeni Adekunle, BHM Group comprises of a team of thinkers and doers, working in multiple industries from media to public relations, advertising, ICT and entertainment.

To be the world’s most innovative media and marketing solutions organization, using hitherto-thought impossible techniques, and solutions that put people first.

Our Vision

To work with the biggest brands, competing favourably globally, adopting global best practices, employ potential superstars, develop capacity and deliver value through corporate governance.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Our values reflect who we are. They are a definition of our essence as individuals. They express those principles on which we will not compromise. It remains unchangeable. When all other things change, our values are what we will not renege on


1. Equality

We believe in equality. We are committed to providing our people with opportunities for unsurpassed personal and professional growth in a collaborative and diverse culture. It’s essential for all of our people to feel comfortable being their true selves while working in a conducive environment. This diversity of insight and experience enriches both our own culture and, in turn, how we serve customers. We always strive to do better.

2. Respect

We respect the capacity and desire for personal growth, as well as the talents and beliefs of customers, colleagues, and all other people we meet in the course of our work. Regardless of position, we treat people with consideration. We value ideas on their merit, not on the tenure of their source.

3. Innovation

We develop creative solutions and put them into action. Establishing ourselves as clearly the best in our industry means we continue to develop innovative ideas and put them to practice successfully. In the current market place, innovative ideas, concepts and processes are essential to the continued success of any company. At BHM Group, we create value, deliver results, and continuously improve all elements of our business.

4. Education

We recognize that education is needed to uphold and empower employee trust and for the public we serve to make informed business decisions.

5. Comfort

We have made it a point of duty to be the mechanical provider of choice balancing your needs. We will do this by going above and beyond, providing amenities that will make you comfortable at work. Top most in our minds is to make our place of work a home away from home surrounded by state of the art equipment and other recreational amenities. Our aim is to make you comfortable and create enough space to function maximally.

6. Safety

We ensure you are protected against physical, occupational, and other types of hazards. We know that to be truly successful, we must take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us both at work and at home. Our commitment to your wellbeing is reflected in our decision on everything, from capital improvements and hiring the right people, to structuring for efficiencies and supporting you to get your work done on time.

7. Compensation

It is important to us to ensure hard work, smart work, success and even efforts are well compensated. We therefore offer high-quality benefits and strive to communicate these benefits to you and our customers in ways that show their value

8. Punctuality

We are punctual. This shows we care, and that we are interested. Being late is a sign of disrespect and insulting. Punctuality and quality of results are central demands towards our work. This is the foundation with which we regard our work ethic.

9. Leadership

This means leading with customers and leading with people. Leadership in our business is defined by believing in people and setting high expectations which leads to higher quality in results. At BHM Group, the following make us leaders:


* We choose to lead

* We set the pace

* We provide vision for the future

* We provide inspiration

* We make others feel important and appreciated.

10. SMHART Work ( Smart /Hard Work)

With the SMHART Working program, we seek to create a work environment where ideas flow freely, decisions are reached faster and the environment acts as a catalyst to enabling its strategic priorities. 12 Then, we will:


* Grow a diversified business

* Deliver more products and services of value

* Simplify the operational model

* Create a culture of empowerment

* Build trust

11. Fitness

It is important to us that you are fit physically and mentally. We do all we can to provide means of release to avoid fatigue. Our people are encouraged to exercise their minds and body using games and clubs both within and outside the office premises. We wholeheartedly believe that caring for yourself will reveal the capacity at which you can succeed.

12. Hospitality

We pride ourselves in being hospitable to our customers and visitors. We are receptive and at the same time we take our stand in our dealings.

13. Love

Our work is grounded in love, by which we mean the capacity to extend ourselves for the sake of another person’s growth. Our work in the community stretches us to understand, respect, and support each other, teaching us why learning to love is one of the most demanding disciplines we can live on.

14. Investment

We invest in your physical and intellectual capacity as well as our customers and ensure these investments yield good results.

15. Planning

Everything we do has a purpose. Preparation leads to measurable results. This is a value that we communicate to our people and customers regularly. Know what you are going to do beforehand.

16. Integrity/Honesty

We distinguish right from wrong and do the right thing. We represent our capabilities honestly. We observe appropriate confidentiality of customer information. We do not misrepresent our purposes in seeking information. We only make promises we can keep. We take the time to consider our actions and ask whether we can defend them openly today and tomorrow.




2015 © BHMGroup. All Rights Reserved. Designed by ID Africa


32, community road, Off Ogundana, Allen Ave, Ikeja, Lagos. (By Appointment Only)





2015 © BHMGroup. All Rights Reserved. Designed by ID Africa

Our culture defines who we are, and in accordance with our values, we have developed a series of principles that make BHM Group a special place to work in. As an employee of this organization, understanding our culture will be one of the things you want to focus on right away. Our culture is reflected not only in our interaction with one another but also through our organizational mission, vision, values, goals and objectives, policies and procedures, standards of practice, job descriptions and our entire belief system.


What do we care about?



We believe the essence of life is to live and let others live; to smile and to make others smile; to fulfil our duties and to cherish the dreams to be realized from our everyday activities.


Our people are our greatest assets – we say it often and with good reason. At BHM Group, we value people over profit. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our customers, generate long-term value for our shareholders and contribute to the broader public.
Our goal is to maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our people’s professional opportunities, and help you contribute positively to the community.



We care about our industry. We leverage on all elements of the communication mix-including media, PR, direct marketing, advertising, web and social media-into a single, cohesive, holistic approach as a means of contributing our own quota to the industry in which we operate.


We value performance over procedure, setting measurable goals and working collaboratively to achieve the results we continually seek. Without funding our business, we fail to innovate and find new ways to market and develop the way we reinvest in our business and deliver sustained value.We recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and security.



We adopt global best standards using an effective quality control model to predict customer needs and ensure expectations are surpassed at all times.


The worth that our services has in the mind of our customers will determine the price they are willing to pay for it. For us, it is not just about the internal feeling, it is about creating genuine value that lingers in the mind of our customers and that they get the value for services rendered.



The well-being of our people matters to us. We know that a healthy lifestyle results in better morale and increased productivity. When our bodies and minds are at their optimal health, a feeling of strength and happiness sits deeply within our core.


We believe in the future. We know that whatever we do today will in the long run affect tomorrow. Strategic planning today results in achievement of our long term goals.


What do we want to be?


Pace setters: Set examples for others to follow i.e. be reference points for our competitors in the media and marketing communications industry

Thought Leaders: we shape opinions and mould influence.

Producer of leaders: work with and make available necessary resources to build the next set of leaders.

Exceptional: be unusual, delivering high above global expectations.

Sexy: be attractive, appealing, trendy and exciting

Social: be dynamic, friendly and receptive.

Fit: be mentally, physically and emotionally balanced.

Fun: work hard but play harder.

Wealthy: Improve on our bottom line and have abundance of valuable resources.

Crazy: not conform to norms, break all the rules of impossibilities. Clichés are not part of our vocabulary.


How do we want to act when making decisions?

Timely: Beat deadlines.

Responsibly: We do not give excuses or apportion blames.

Honestly: Our word is our bond.

Proactively: We initiate change rather than react to events.

Prudent: Manage resources efficiently.


Our success is based on these shared values and the commitment of the men and women who are building our company for the future.